Apollo Visual Tank Pack


Apollo Visual Tank Pack includes an Apollo Visual Ultrasonic contents gauge and a bottom outlet fitting kit.

The Apollo Visual has all the features of the standard edition gauge plus a visual indicator on your oil tank. The transmitter which is fitted to the storage tank features a weatherproof LCD screen which clearly indicates the remaining fuel oil in the tank. This makes the Apollo Visual oil monitor best suited for oil delivery as you can monitor the level of oil in your tank as it is being filled which limits the risk of overfill. The transmitter unit is fitted to the oil tank and measures the level of oil inside. This information is displayed on the transmitters LCD display and is also sent wirelessly to the receiver unit.

The Bottom Outlet Fitting Kit includes:

  • Isolation ball valve (lever type for AFV-1000)
  • 52-micron disposable nylon filter element
  • 10mm copper compression fitting outlet, 10mm copper pipe insert
  • 1" male BSPT tank fitting adaptor
  • Roll of PTFE tape


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